General Dealer Museum Standford

“It was originally a general dealer, then a men’s bar, a wine bar, a place to buy picnics, a function space — but it never quite worked. Then it occurred to me that Stanford didn’t have a museum — so I turned it back into a general dealer — as a museum.”
A compulsive collector, Penny van der Berg, owner of the Stanford Hotel, has had so much fun with this corner-store museum, sourcing goodies from across the country and describing it as, “A little bit Selfridges, a little bit Stuttafords, using my own poetic licence.”

When we visited, it featured 1950s cocktail dresses, but Penny changes the displays each Bastille Day. So from 14 July this year, over and above the hats, the haberdashery, the garters and gloves, it is celebrating a century of vintage wedding dresses.

“The hotel turns 100 years old in 2020, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate,” says Penny, who has collected wedding dresses, one from every decade since 1920, from across the country and from France, where her sister lives.
The display of mannequins, some with glass eyes, moulded shoes, flexible limbs, even a Twiggy lookalike, are a story in themselves.

Why go? A shopper and fashionista’s delight.
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